Released on 10-03-2021. Nothing sounds as good as a Jack Molton Distortion full throttle blasting live. You can now enjoy seven tracks from the legendary 44NextDoor session. Watch out: This one is best served at maximum volume! 


  • Duck Hide Run
  • Young God
  • El Dorado
  • Rechel
  • Spasm
  • Girl
  • Just Get It

Recorded at 44NextDoor by Mike and Ray, mixed by Weeb and mastered by Bas Buisink.

Guardia D.R.

Released on 05-01-2019. Crowdfunded vinyl from Jack Molton Distortion! You can hear the band having a blast of a time. Knowing their swampy garage rock will sound extra phat they kicked up the volume that little more.  


  • Duck Hide Run
  • Tempting To Ignore
  • Sunrise
  • Urban Sin
  • Blowfly
  • Devil's workshop
  • Amy
  • Halley's Flaming Tail
  • DHR Reprise


Released on 22-03-2012. Submerged in the well-known gritty garagesound, the eight tracks take you past pumping groove rock, pointy licks, derailing ballads and stoner riffs. Roaring, whispering, yelling and rumbling, the vocals string together the CD into the ultimate rock 'n roll experience. Hence the name. Rockasutra ....


  • Prototype Of God
  • Tethered Head
  • El Dorado
  • Rockasutra
  • Young Gods
  • Continental
  • Hands
  • Tears And Stains

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bas Buisink.


First recording that Jack Molton Distortion made in their Lakeland studios. And... you can get a glimpse of that studio in the DVD enclosed. Released on 13-09-2007 and distributed by Sonic Rendezvous, nr: MR200701 it got raving reviews.

De nummers knallen in al hun puurheid uit je speakers. (

Eigenlijk is dit album van een soort vanzelfsprekende kwaliteit die in Nederland maar ook daarbuiten eigenlijk helemáál niet vanzelfsprekend is. Rammelrock extraordinair! (FileUnder)


  • M.W.S.N.2.W.M.
  • Backstab
  • Bomb My Neighbour
  • Spasmo
  • Love Like Heroin
  • Destiny Sold
  • Sweat Trap
  • Grief
  • Said It's All Wrong
  • Rachel ('07 RMX)
  • Jam #162

Recorded and mixed by Jack Molton distortion. Artwork by Wiebe. DVD filmed and edited by Johan van de Graaf.


Released on 9th of april, 2005. The CD contains the videoclip of "69" made by Mark208.


  • Losing
  • Spin Doctor
  • Coin
  • Qx-Q-8
  • Fighting Despair
  • Rid Her
  • 8 O'Clock Babe
  • Gun

Recorded and mixed by Milan Ciric at Sing sing studios, Metslawier. Cover design by Wiebe & Martijn Blokland.


"Jack Molton Rocks!, 10 songs lang." (Aardschok) This is jmd's second official release on klandestine records, released in May 2002. You can order this record at Sonic Rendezvous. nr: KLAN-CD-0201


  • Shame
  • Honey Drip
  • 69
  • Mediocrity
  • Envy
  • Soaking
  • Don't You Stare
  • Whipped Man
  • Mouth
  • Potemkin

Recorded and mixed by Frank Reijgersberg. Sleeve designed by Marno Rezelman. Photos by Angelo van Rijn.


This is Jack Molton Distortion's first official release on a real label with a real bar code, released in Februari 2001.


  • Rachel
  • Superman
  • Kinky Star
  • Whipped Man

Recorded and mixed by: Frank Reijgersberg. Cover by Marno Rezelman.

Honey Drip

Jack Molton Distortion's first CD release was presented in September 1999 at a launch party/gig in Atlantis, Alkmaar. The track "Mouth" was chosen song of the month by Leidsekade Live. The CD shipped with a match in the CD case.


  • Mouth
  • Honey Drip
  • Soaking
  • Holy

Recorded and mixed by: Frank Reijgersberg. Cover by Jennefer Denkers and Marleen de Lange. Photography by Wieteke de Lange. 

Canned Fish

The first recordings of Jack Molton Distortion that graced the CD! Recorded in the Rudiments Alkmaar August 1998. This demo contains the hit-track Mistaken, It caught the attention of Marc Stakenburg of Leidsekade Life. The announced it best DEMO of the week. Check your copy if you have one...  Some contain a fourth track, called "Mozes is dead"


  • Shut Down
  • Mistaken
  • Potempkin
  • Mozes Is Dead

Mixed by Jack Molton Distortion.


An oddity in the discography... a single. Recorded in Amsterdam (near Wibautstraat) on a sunny afternoon. If you got this one on disc you are a lucky bastard. It's an extremely limited edition!


  • Losing

Recorded, mixed, mastered and artwork by Ohmzz.

Fret Demontage #04

Released on 2001 as bonus disc attached to music magazine FRET. The track included is Rachel from Superman EP.


  • 18 Rabbit - It's Over
  • The Sheer - Something New
  • The Potion - Box Of Chocolates
  • Skidmarks - I Gotta Girl
  • A Pin's Fee - My Kind Of Fun
  • Jack Molton Distortion - Rachel
  • New Noise - Liberty
  • Katafalk - Birthmark 666
  • Messian Dread - Jah Glory #2
  • Momo's Return - You're Lookin'
  • Klein Vs Fatman - A Night On The Town
  • Represailles - REPRStikkerplakkers
  • NineFifty - Ex-Change
  • Daisy Glaze - She-La
  • Dolly Grip - The Well
  • Metz - Kiss And Ride
  • Keyser - Lake Lucerne

Issued by FRET Magazine; NPI. 

Nieuw Alkmaars Peil 2001

This compilation CD from Atlantis Poppodium contains Whipped Man. It's the up tempo version from the EP Superman released that same year.


  • Sick Sad: Mission & Company - Power
  • The Tourist - Walkaway Man
  • Mermate - Stay
  • The Drift - I Feel
  • Ultrawave - Reflection Of The Heart
  • The Shavers - Dracula
  • Jack Molton Distortion - Whipped Man
  • Lust - Verboden Vrucht
  • Jamfresh - On The House
  • Zeek The Freak - I Am The Devil

Issued by Poppodium Atlantis.

Opscene CD#12

Released on February 2000 as bonus disc attached to music magazine Opscene. The Jack Molton Distortion track was taken from the EP Honey Drip but in contrary to what the sleeve suggests... included is Mouth..


  • Tocotronic - Let There Be Rock
  • Angels In Between - Language Of The World
  • Motorpsycho - The Other Fool
  • Wounded Kite - Come Clean
  • The Dwarves - How It's Done 
  • Inneke 23 - Another Perfect Day
  • Jack Molton Distortion - Honey Drip
  • Blunt Object - Kinky Crab
  • Raise Kain - Understand
  • Sex Mob - About A Girl
  • Osker - Ballad Of A Traitor
  • Frontation - Eating Chinese

Papieren Tijger: OPSCD12

Nieuw Alkmaars Peil '00

Released about the same time as Opscene CD#12. Here though Mouth is listed correctly! The booklet contains a hint from where the band got it's name from!


  • Phoebus - Foolish Me
  • The Surphonics - Lonely Losers
  • BTO 19 - Not That Again
  • Macamba - The Sweeter You Call (RMX)
  • CARP - Beauty Farm
  • Jack Molton Distortion - Mouth
  • Desade - Door Jou
  • The Melomanics - Camelwalk
  • Lust - Weten Wat Waar Is
  • Pakhuis - Strand

Issued by Poppodium Atlantis.